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“Our mission is to support humanity’s collective strengths and talents in creating a world in which social, environmental and spiritual aspirations for the benefit of all can be realized.”

About Roberta Pacino http://robertapacino.com/At a very young age, before finishing school, Roberta Pacino began her career as an entrepreneur and business owner, operating an art deco company and employing 40 artisans.

Desiring a formal education and considering her close proximity to the film industry along with her love for writing, she went back to school and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Oklahoma.

Motivated by her interest in higher education and her passion for film and business, Roberta went on to receive a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television Producing from Chapman University.

Having received a terminal degree, Roberta still longed for an expanded education, one that would give her insight into intelligence beyond academia. She found the enlightenment she was looking for through intensive study into ancient teachings on the nature of mind and the power of beneficial creative intent.

Awakened to her personal desire to be a force of positive change, Roberta launched Roberta Pacino Productions, a film production company that produces transformational films and other creative works.